Udom Inoyo: Warmth and Kindness in a Dying Generation


Rather unfortunately, we live in a society where so many things are taken for granted, overruled and forever ‘kept in view’ by the insensitivity of those in the ruling echelons. Even when the need for these things are very obvious, the tongue-sapping nature of our local and national politics, vitalized by the sycophancy of the greedy and the opportunistic who find themselves in the corridors of power, sweep most of these essential needs under the carpet, keeping a straight face towards the agonies experienced by the people.

Digging up the Soakaway

Sadly enough, most of these very little things are so vital, that the growth and development of a healthy human society strongly depend on them.

Facilitation Team Explaining the Project to the People
at the foundation stage.

A clear example of this is the story of the market men and women of Urua Ntakoro – a community market located in Nsit Ubim Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

Facilitation Team Explaining the Project to the People
at the foundation stage.

Since its creation many decades ago, regulated by routine taxes and serving the needs of the community, Udua Ntakoro had no toilet facility for its users. Men and women who trooped into the market on weekly basis for their businesses settled for the very unkind behaviour of making use of the bushes around whenever they needed to ease their bowels.

Mrs. Imaobong Benson

As lamented by one of the market women, Mrs. Imaobong Benson, an indigene of Ikot Uboh, the poor sanitary condition had caused untold discomfort to the women in the Market and was fast becoming a health concern. She mentioned that women who resorted to the un-hygienic culture of easing themselves in the bush came back with numerous infections, some very critical ones. Ms. Sarah Akpan, who also testified to the observations of Mrs. Imaobong Benson, mentioned the untold harassment and extortion of money by hoodlums who turned the bushes to their habitat.

Ms. Sarah Akpan

The question is ‘how did this happen for so long?’

As one would have expected of a people who have suffered for so long, the men, women, and leadership of the market sprang to their feet and eagerly provided a space for the build of a toilet facility when they heard that their cries have caught the attention of their illustration son, Mr. Udom Inoyo, who just retired home from meritorious services abroad.

Mr. Emmanuel Archibong, Youth Leader

However, much was not expected of Mr. Udom Inoyo since many were yet a fully appreciate the depth of love and kindness that emanate from this gentleman, even as he spent his active days in giving scholarship and rewarding academic excellence through the prestigious Inoyo Toro Foundation.

A Typical Market day, Urua Ntakoro, Nist Ubim 

To the surprise of the exuberant market, Mr. Inoyo built a sanitary facility in the market that contains a male and a female toilet chambers, a service room and a locker room.

The Leadership of the Market, facilitators and 
Deaconess Elizabeth Osom after the Commission of the project.

Mrs. Mary, one of the Fertilizer dealers in the market, expressed joy in the completion of the project and sent heart-warming thanks to Mr. Inoyo for his kindheartedness in stopping by the market to grant their most pressing need. 

Deaconess Elizabeth Ossom dedicating the project to God

The youth leader of the community, Mr. Emmanuel Archibong, while expressing his happiness for the accomplishment of the project, assured Mr. Inoyo of the community’s prayers and continued support for his (Mr. Inoyo) aspirations in life.

Project Facilitator

In a brief ceremony that saw the communion and handing over of the project to the leadership of the market, Deaconess Elizabeth Ossom, blessed the project for the good people of the community and enjoined the leadership of the market to take good care of the facility to in order to encourage more projects to the area in the future.

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