CORONA VIRUS: Now That Politics Has Killed Us All

2020 was a celebrated year, as usual, bustling with new year resolutions here and there, until China’s Communist Party ran-out of their deceitful blocks of pride which led to the cover-up of what was supposed to have been an international emergency from the onset, but not for greedy political consciousness and suicidal image egoism.

As early as December 2019, Dr. Ai Fen, Director of the Emergence Department of the Wuhan Central Hospital, had a patient under her superintendency. The patient showed flu-like symptoms but did not responds to the conventional treatment prescribed for flus. Instead, the symptoms aggravated, taking on novel manifestations that was not associated with common flu.

Dr. Fen decided to carry out series of tests; the result was mind-blowing. She shared her fears with her colleagues (One of them, Dr. Li Yong now dead.) and reported of a novel variant of corona virus with a potentiality of wiping out humanity if not checked properly. She called it SARS-CORONA VIRUS and sent the photographs to Wuhan Medical Board for further review. 

One would have expected a government that was elected to lead the people, to protect the people, to swing into action at the dreaded alarm of a biological threat raised by a medical professional of seasoned practice. But Instead, politicians who had no idea on the workings of medicine swung into action to build a fake and nasty image, inspired by economic greed that ‘Wuhan might lose a lot.’

The Chinese Communist Party issued an arrest, destroyed the test samples, accused Dr. Fen of spreading unproven rumours to cause mass hysteria and later granted her bail on a vile condition that she should never speak of it anymore.

On the first of January, 2020 an employee of Genomics, a company that was responsible for test and verifying samples was ordered to shut down, destroy its samples and bury all leads about the virus and the proof of an outbreak. The next day, webpages of academic institutions and research agencies were shredded and slapped with a deafening admonition not to publish any paper on the virus except approved by a special task force. Beijing referred to news of the virus as an ‘American import’.

Convinced of her researches, Dr. Fen granted an interview to a Chinese magazine, Renwu on the imminent biological threat that corrosive political consciousness and very suspicious behaviour had prevented the Chinese government from acting normally.

Later that day, Dr. Ai Fen was kidnapped and till today, she is nowhere to be found. The virus exploded from Wuhan wet market (A place that has sparked international concerns for it breaches on health.) to the entire globe, drinking the blood of millions and destroying businesses at unprecedented proportions.

In the normal feature of a political murderous cover-up, the same that was associated with the Reigners building collapse in Uyo, the Chinese government reported that 3000+ people died in china as a result of the outbreak and the virus had been contained. How China was able to cure its 80,000+ positive cases is still not internationally verified.

But, on a sharp twist of events, the recent American intelligent report has indicated that ‘terrible number of Chinese died of the virus and many more are still been buried.’ Nevertheless, the Chinese government cameras keep panning on the staged images of normalcy, sending out doctors to the world with no drugs that they (Chinese) had used to cure their cases, but with equipment that failed Italy woeful and that Spain has asked for a refund of their money!

In the United State, when the first four cases were picked up, medical experts sent in memos to the White House, but President Trump, who is obviously disconnected with reality, preferred to accuse the Democrats of staging a hoax to again public attention and literally did nothing to fight the outbreak.

When the virus captured over twenty people and it became credible that the Wuhan virus was actually ravaging the president’s birth place, New York, President Trump went on press briefing, quarrelling with Asian Americans on the use of the name “Chinses Virus” to announce that it was not a national emergency and that ‘April sun will kill the virus.’ 

Well, we are in April! Fueled with such political and administrative ineptitude, the virus travelled like a hurricane wind and swept through the United States, causing deaths in industrial proportions, shutting down businesses and triggering a great economic freefall to an estimated tune of a trillion dollar. The ‘land of the free’ became a large prison for its citizens. This is what happens when politics takes priority over professionalism!

Now, President Trump is banking on Hydroxychloroquine (a potential succor) that India is very slow at exporting because, according to President Modi, ‘they do not have enough for the Indians’ (1.37 billion people), should they be faced with an outbreak. Since when did US begin to beg for help from a second world country? This is simply the outcome of a failed leadership!

The bitter part of the story is that the Democrats are still very busy with presidential tickets. Bernie Sanders has stepped down and endorsed Joe Bidden for the democratic ticket. Also, Bidden is busy politicking for Mitchell Obama to come-in as the vice-presidential candidates. Are they coming in to rule over corpses?

Before the US could lift up their eyes from the political quarrel between Democrats and Republicans that has enveloped Trump’s administration for the past four years, China had won the race on 5G and begun to farm the land for a new drive. The next thing, God-knows-who germinated a fallacy that 5G is associated with Corona virus, a deception that led to wanton destruction of property that would even make the world see few more good days before the foundations finally cave-in.

As the wild virus spiraled uncontrollably over the Western world, challenging even the most sophisticated medical titans, Nigeria was less concerned. PDP went ahead to fix Wards’ and Chapters’ congresses. APC re-strategized on how to maintain pollical power beyond 2023. The government became more determined on who will become the next president and the next governor – the only thing that Nigeria can talk about with heart-bleeding sycophancy and murderous enthusiasm.

Boom! The first case landed in Lagos and flourished with the ease of a flowing stream. The only thing the Government could think about, was as it was done in other countries: Lock-down.

Of course, for a country with no credible and dependable health system, no drugs and basic health facilities, no electrical power for basic industrial endeavours and worst still, a dead university system that is plagued with incessant strike actions, inhuman study environment, even for its post-graduate students, peevish academics and all manners of frivolities, what would one expect, except for announcement from the President for its citizens to stay at home; invitation of a foreign team of comedians with proven faulty medical products, test equipment, infra-red thermometer to detect temperature rise and face mask. Are these what China used to cure their 80,000 plus cases?

My question is why is China not helping African living in their country? Why are they evicting them and instead fly miles down to Nigeria for medical assistance? China is simply on a psychopathic image making journey!

After a dramatic squabble between the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for health and the NCDC Boss, and the myriads of information from the State Ministry of Information, one would have expected all well-meaning Akwa Ibomites to explore every avenue for self-help with regards to productive ideas, at least, even if from a primary four elementary science. But no!

From nowhere, a challenge came between filthy married women and ‘exquisite’ fornicators, prostitution brokers, gigolo, pimps and fagots, on the race to ostentatiously empty-vessel superiority, social attention and filthy wealth display. Within seconds, idle minds made sensational news out of it, circulating tons of demoniacally vulgar videos, creating a social turbulence that is only enjoyable to the sensibilities of an insane mind.

Now, we await another lock-down that is supposed to heal a virus (?), fourteen days and more, while hunger eats up our intestines and we stretch our throats like dirty vultures waiting for the West to produce drugs and vaccines. Haven’t we now seen our nakedness?

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  1. As the days go by, i begin to understand why many will leave Nigeria and never wish to return. God help us and our leaders. The world is sick but Nigeria is in coma!