Separating Feminism from Noise

There are many philosophies in the world that have been polluted by heresies – many of which have a profound effect on the way we live. In many ways, we try to live above these fallacies but many a time, we fall victim to them. The consequences, however, are obvious. These defective thoughts, in whatever form they take, impede the wheel of progress, generating in the process, tons of noise that blur rationality.

A readily example of such is the contemporary view of the word “Feminism” by half-baked critics, by those who learn the term from the stereos of these half-baked critics, by those whose idea of the word “Feminism” is limited to one or two persons’ behaviour they have witnessed before, and by those who happen upon the word on the pages of Social Media.

Aside, while we believe that the Social Media is the most powerful media in the 21st century, we also understand that the very foundations that make it the most powerful media outfit are the very foundations that destroy the credibility of the Media. For the obvious fact that everybody has access to Social Media (over 1.2 billion people) and it is powered by a reserved electrical energy that can last for days depending on your device, anybody that has access to it can post anything on any subject of choice and the contents are largely uncensored.

Feminism is a social, political, religious, cultural, and gender-based philosophy that seeks to understand the relations between male and female and the problems facing the sexes with the objective of eliminating all forms of imbalances that are created based on gender. It articulates womanhood away from the periphery of social discourse to the centre of inclusion, recognising in the process the worth and dignity of a human person, as created by God: Male and Female!

The world, as we live today, is largely structured by masculine ideas and preferences in almost all spheres of life, except in few communities where matriarchy is naturally and culturally invoked. Besides, while such matriarchal communities can be identified by intense research and explanations, largely patriarchal communities form the headlines of the world, often inspiring the notion that the world is “a man’s world.”

The biological distinctions between a man and a woman are flawless natural designs engineered by God for harmony and hitch free existence. Without having to look at it twice, the male and the female sexes complement each order to a perfect union that foster love, togetherness, procreation, biological and social growth. What makes homosexual unions reprehensible is the axiomatic fact that the union is aberrational, repulsive and unproductive.

There are medically proven inherent weaknesses in the sexes. Naturally, men exhibit a greater degree of physical power, agility and endurance than the women. Though there could be some exceptions to this, it is obvious that men could tolerate strenuous work in large quantity routinely than women. Nevertheless, we have come to understand that those things that are considered less strenuous and feminine, like babysitting, could be very stressful for the male-sex to accomplish with exceptional results.

This calls for the reassessment of the definition of “strenuous work” in respect to gender analysis. If babysitting is a simple work, why can’t men do it with ease and with exceptional results, since naturally, men do more strenuous things than watching over the welfare of babies?

This attests to the fact that men and women are created and equipped for special purposes and responsibilities in life. The responsibilities to which each sex is created for are made simple to him or her, naturally. Therefore, it is self-centredness and misogynistic to dismiss the cultural responsibilities of a woman as less strenuous and passive.

In a common space such as leadership, education, politics, business et cetera, there is no significant difference between the performance of a woman and that of a man. Both sexes can perform creditably well within their set objectives. There is nothing in the brain of a man that makes a man a better leader than a woman and there is nothing absent in the brain of a woman that makes her perform poorly in Mathematics. Poor performance or excellent performance, in this common space, depends on the intellectual orientation of a person, not gender!

Seventy percent of the world population, if not more than that, is shaped by the two major religions: Islam and Christianity. These two powerful blocs, to a greater extent, influence the way we think and behave, for those of us who are adherent to their religious philosophies. In the centre of these two religions is the story of Adam and Eve and the fall of man – the Jewish folktale that demonstrates the origin of Sin and the role of Satan in the affairs of man.

This story, which we are all familiar with, pictures the woman as a naïve, selfish and greedy figure who led to the fall of man. Besides this, the tales of how brave men in history like Solomon, Sampson, and the rest of them, were destroyed by a woman creates a very strong and enduring image of the she-devil for those who believe in these religions. This brings to memory, even fictional icons like Lady Macbeth and Helen of Troy! The belief that women are inferior and devilish based on this religious tales accumulate in what is called the Eve-motif.

A great seconder to this is the fact that these religions are greatly inspired by the Jewish patriarchal culture. For instance, a good author-biographical analysis of Pauline letters, most especially letters to the Church in Corinth and to Timothy, will reveal the Eve-motif of the Pharisean culture, where women are banned from carrying out certain functions in the Church (cf. 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 & 1 Timothy 2:11-13).

But, if we were to be Christians to the later, we should also understand that just as a woman was the path to death and sin (Eve), another woman (Virgin Mary), gave birth to life and to purity and nurtured that life to perfection, such that, the life became for all man, the source of eternal life. That Virgin Mary, a woman, did something far more rewarding to humanity than Eve, underscores the simple point that the evil of Eve was not because she was a woman, but because she was human. With this, there is no basis for Eve-motif!

This, however, had nothing to do with Africa. African women and African men had enjoyed absolute equality in all spheres of life for ages. In fact, the gender-based philosophy of the pre-colonial African society could be defined as Wo/Manism – a philosophy that recognises both men and women as inseparable partners for progress and smooth existence.  This could explain how there were powerful politicians like Amina of Zazzau, Moremi of Ile-Ife, Inkipi of Igala, Daurama of Daura and Nana of Dalio.

However, with the advent of Colonialism, Western thoughts invaded African ideologies. Many cultural attributes of the African states were erased and replaced by western attributes, from Religion to Law, Economy and Social Order. Hence, things began to fall apart! It was during this colonial enterprise that women were literally chased in indoors and men were made to assume independent control of the centre, just as it was in the Western world.

Therefore, Feminism in Africa seeks to redesign the status quo to accommodate the women as it were before the advent of Colonialism. Thus, a Feminist is a scholar who understands the problems associated with gender, understands the value of a human person and advocates for the recognition of this value whether it is contained in the body of a man or a woman, such that regards given to the masculine gender should also be given to a feminine gender.

Feminism has nothing to do with Lesbianism. If a girl expresses herself to another girl sexually, it is a disorder in itself, not associated with Feminism at all. Feminists are not angry women, neither are they bitter or dissatisfied as amateur incompetent, critics and teachers would want us to believe. A Feminist is a morally responsible person (male or female; husband or wife) who disagrees with institutionalised injustice meted out on women.

It is a moral responsibility for one to stand up against injustice in any form, most especially when it singles out a particular sex as its victim.

Idiongo Ebong


  1. "Poor performance or excellent performance, in this common space, depends on the intellectual orientation of a person, not gender!".... That's the fact my great teacher.

    "Feminist is a morally responsible person (male or female; husband or wife) who disagrees with institutionalised injustice meted out on women...." Great teacher thanks for making us aware of the true meaning of Feminist.

  2. I disagree with your definition of feminist: a person who disagrees with institutionalised injustices meted on women. That means, a feminist is someone who seeks to fight for women only.

  3. I am Daniel David Bassey, a student of the faculty of arts, Uniuyo Basic studies, it is time we leave our barbaric system and embrace reality, we done we wake yup to an era where girls rights are protected, why limit them to child bearing and kitchen work. I am a strong feminist and i will always Support GIRL POWER, why not promote gender equality, we not oppose gender discrimination. wait and see the noiseless breakthrough of feminist.

  4. i support feminism and equal gender rights, girl power.
    Daniel David bassey
    uniuyo basic studies.

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