Mr. President, Please, May I Introduce to You, The Nigerian Youths because You do not Know Them!

Dear Mr. President, if I say that I am disappointed at your administration, your leadership, your policies, your thoughts and your dispositions, that will be an immense understatement, so enormous in its depth, that it may not necessarily be called an understatement anymore but, a blatant lie.

Till today, three years after your victory at the polls, I still pinch myself very hard, to be sure that it isn’t a long nasty dream, the type that is inspired by alcohol. But sure, it’s a nightmare and my prayers to God is always that I should wake up from this terrifying dream before I sleep in it forever!

I kept asking myself how your victory was possible, how such number of millions believed so much in you such that, you swept the polls with that margin. Not until the pictures of children queuing up to vote in the north littered the screens of the internet and confessions from famous individuals offered more explanation, that I rested my case.

And, Mr. President, don’t believe that I am that foolish to know the degree of influence religious fanatism played in your victory – many believed more in the spread and solidification of Islam than in the transformative agenda, absolute freedom of thought and conscience, decency, intelligence and national sovereign prestige that Mr. Jonathan portrayed.

And today, when many look beyond the horizon and in the blurred future that your presidency has given to them, in your thoughts and policies, mostly, in the blind eye that you have turned to the wanton killings in Benue and other parts of the country and the canonization you have given to Boko Haram, Mr. President, many wish they could turn back the hands of time.

Your Excellency, you hate people like me, who in an unadorned and simple language, come up to express themselves in a platform that Zuckerberg created for the majority who could not afford admittance to the censored traditional media. Your abhorrence is so great that you wish a death penalty for them. But Mr. President, Sir, you prefer amnesty to those who kill and maim millions! Mr. President, you make me bleed!

I don’t blame you, Mr. President, because all this is not the problem. The problem is the hundreds of lazy, pathetic sycophants, burning with greediness and emptiness and clapping for you on daily basis over the traditional media and on the very ‘alternative media’ that you so much find repugnant. They flock to your house in London and Aso Rock to beg for money and lick from the crumbs that fall from your table.

Mr. President, that is the picture of youths that you have had the opportunity of seeing and knowing, so you think they are Nigerian youths. No, Mr. president, Sir, you are so wrong! They are not the Nigerian youths. They are the vagabonds who believe in the pieces that fall from your table. Mr. President, please, may I introduce to you, the Nigerian youths because you do not know them!

The Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, whose veins are flowing with blood, whose minds are intoxicated with aspirations and the quest to survive in a country that has sapped out their energy and has rendered them useless. Mostly, after over ten years in the university, not because they had carryovers but because the government failed in their responsibilities and strikes besieged the Ivory Towers.

The Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, who cannot compete with their contemporaries outside the country. Not because they are foolish or imbeciles but because they studied the same course in an environment where there were no books to read, no good educational facilities and there were no conducive environments for studies because the government made politics their priority not education.

The Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, who line the streets of Nigeria with beautiful business ideas and structures but who are devilishly frustrated because the government cannot provide the enabling business atmosphere for them to thrive, not even the least thing as power, talk less of the security of their lives and their properties.

Mr. President, Sir, the Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, who work day in and night out, in their farms to feed their families and to raise fund for the education of their children, but who are savagely murdered by Fulani herdsmen and of whom (the youths) you have ordered them to leave their farmlands for the creation of cattle colonies.

Mr. President, do you remember the number of trucks, in their hundreds that drove to Onitsha from Kaduna, Kano, Maiduguri and the rest of the northern states, in 1966, jam-packed with corpses? Mr. President, those were the Nigerian youths who were out to invest in a country they thought were theirs, but they were murdered in cold blood and the government did not cough!

The Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, who are energetic boys and girls that you killed and maimed during your Python Dance and your Crocodile Simile because they voiced their dissatisfaction about Nigeria and needed a country of their own where they could feel a sense of belonging and national pride – where their voices could be heard!

The Nigerian youths are the millions who were born, these past forty years, who like Leah Sharibu, the Nigerian heroine, hold fast to their Faith and their beliefs and in the decency of their pride of which they see hope, for outside them, there is absolutely nothing that Nigeria can offer. The only consolation and the need to stay alive is in God in whom they serve with passion!

Your Excellency, please, take a walk from Aso rock, trek through the valley of death called Nigeria. See the millions of enthusiastic boys and girls who fend for themselves. Try buying banana by the traffic light. Ask them when last they slept for two hours. Ask them what they took for breakfast. Ask them if they have any hope for lunch, or if they know at all what lunch means. These are the Nigerian youths!

Mr. President, did you know that pregnant woman. She was just twenty. Her handsome boyfriend was just twenty-one. She loved babies so much with her soul and could not avoid carrying one on sight. But when she became pregnant, she could not keep her pregnancy because they could not afford to raise a child. So, she mixed Andrews, with schnapps and alligator paper and drank a glass. Your Excellency, Sir, tomorrow is her funeral.

Mr. President, do you remember the refineries you called, illegal refineries? Do you remember that the refineries performed the same functions that are supposed to be performed by the large useless ones the government attempted to build? Mr. President, these refineries were built by Nigerian youths, who, if they were not living within the wilderness called Nigeria, they would have been Nobel winners.

Mr. President, you must have heard of Philip Emeagwali, do you know he was a Nigerian youth? Do you know why he is successful? And why every learned person calls his name – the father of the internet? It is Because he was lucky to get out of Nigeria on time. He employed the passion and the intelligence of a Nigerian youth in computers. If he were to live in Nigeria, Mr. Presidents, he would have been teaching physics in one local school with Eighteen Thousand Naira minimum wage.

Mr. President, please, behold, Chimamanda Adichie, Uwem Akpan, Elnathan John, and many others that space will not allow me to mention. They are Nigerian youths, highly industrious and successful! But the difference is that they live and practice outside Nigeria. That is why they can publish their books, sell it and excel. If they were to be limited to this wasteland, no one would have heard them.

So Mr. President, Sir, please, next time you see a Nigerian youth, shake him/her with both hands because, they are the unsung heroes of the universe. They are the loudest voices, whose resonance have been muted by the most nightmarish government on earth.

Please Sir, Nigerian youths are not the likes of Lai Mohamed, whose information sent scorpions down our spins or the likes of Sen. Omo-Agege, whose thuggery snatched the voice of the senate in broad day light and gave our country and our democracy, one of the greatest humiliations of all times or the hundred of sycophantic APC members who waved at your airplane, not once, but each time you fly out for treatment.
Mr. President, Sir, it is not possible to withdraw the statements you have made, but please, understand these facts next time you address the world!

Idiongo Ebong


  1. Idiongo Ebong, your disposition on critical national issues are indeed, very applaudable and sound. Keep the pen rolling.

    The Nigerian youths are not and will never be lazy and uneducated.

    ai Nkuru

  2. I only wish he will read this, I'm just tired of him making unintelligent comments, he should get his facts right first before talking

  3. You have said it all dear.I wish he can read this so that next time he want to open up in public,he practice his speech before voicing it out.His speech about Nigerian youth is wholly unacceptable...evidence of his failed administration.

    1. Thank you, dearest Lilian, we refuse to accept such index; we are hardworking youths but the environment we live in has so much limited our output!