Behold, Once a very Powerful King!

Behold, once a very powerful King!

With the pride and the aura of a god,

Celestial in the handsomeness of an angel,

Loud and majestic in his thoughts;

Daring to the devils and his antics;

Who serves nobody and answers to nobody;

Except God who enthroned him,

In beauty and in splendour,

Like the exquisiteness of a rising sun.

Today, he is no more!

Today, he is no more!!

Today, he is no more!!!

He sits now in the company of mockers -

In the tabernacle of noise makers,

And the dining table of praise singers.

Enjoying claps that were not meant for him,

And singing the blues of the servants,

His hands interlocked at the elbows of a woman,

Whom he now serves: not God and His throne.

Behold the man who was once a king!

Serving the skirts and pants of a woman,

Washing the pads of new born babies,

Answering to calls from the bra and,

Drinking from the cup not the Charlies

As he extends his hands to a partner

And draws to himself a new life.

A blue cap on top his head,

where a crown once rested!

A white shirt dropped down his chest,

Where a royal chasuble once stood!

Red bangles around his neck,

Where white glittering collar once circled!

A wedding ring now on his finger
Where the fisher’s of men’s ring once fixed!

How will we tell this story,

Of a king who turned a servant!

Like a young boy, he stood and danced,

To the noise that was not played for him!

While he walked out with confidence,

from the melody that was tuned for him!

Seating with his wife in an assembly of rafters,

While he stood up willingly,

From the majestic, presidential chair -

The foot stool of the elect!

Never again will I drink from the Chalice

Except it be from the Chalice of Salvation!

Idiongo Ebong

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