Green Field College: Where Greener Pastures Really Grow!

Again, the first day of February 2018 was another remarkable outing for the publishing crew of Penroll Corporation in their campaign of bring to the fore the hidden, unacknowledged or under-acknowledged establishments that have contributed to the academic and character formation of young Nigerians. This very day was for Green Field College, Ikot Ekpene!

In the early hours of the day, the enterprising proprietor of the establishment, Engr. Augustine Nkonduok, ushered the Crew into the school compound that spans hectares of land. What greeted the Crew was not a long line of students, staged-managed to win the admiration of the visitors, but the space, the beauty and the serenity that enveloped the school compound. Not only that the academic environment of Green Field College is covered with shading trees, cemented, well swept walkways and spacious fields, the behavioural conduct of the students and the teachers gave the school compound a celestial tranquillity.
The proprietor, Engr. Augustine Nkonduok, who is a Petrochemical Engineer with over forty healthy years of services, at the national and international levels, revealed that he chose to retire into the field of education with the goal of extending his services to humanity into the classrooms where future leaders are breed.

Engr. Nkonduok further enunciated that “education has played a central role in wealth creation, acquisition of skills and knowledge which have given birth to growth and development in today’s world.” To this effect, Engr. Nkonduok believes that “the society would be better off when education is given its pride of place in the society.”

Engr. Augustine Nkonduok,

With such a man, so passionate about education, little wonder why he spent a fortune to put together a formidable team of professional educational administrators: Mr. Silas Ukata, Mr. Umoren Umoren, Mrs. Ikwo Ekpo, Dr. Gabriel Akpan and Professor Emmanuel Akpan, to over see the running of the school and the organisation of the students, teachers and parents.

Furthermore, not only has the Proprietor, and his dedicated team, been able to graduate outstanding scholars, in the sciences, arts, commercials, entrepreneurial and vocational education, they have, as an oath, a course to deliver innovative education that will be a route to true economic, political and industrial change in the country.
Students of Green Field College

In the bid to realise their pledge, the administrative team of Green Field College has seen to the establishment and use of functional, up-to-date laboratories in all the fields in the science departments.  The Crew of Penroll Corporation was lucky to meet the chemistry students in their practical session.
Students at the Chemistry Laboratory

More so, for the wellbeing of the students, Green Field College boasts of sporting facilities, well-furnished and hygienic hostels for both boys and girls, the school clinic with state of the art medical facilities and a standby generator to supplement the electrical power supply.
Students Playing Basket ball

Also, for the academic wellbeing of the students, the school has a well-stocked library, with excellent air ventilation system and computer laboratories with internet facilities.

Students in the Computer Laboratory

The crop of teachers could not pass the scrutiny of Penroll Corporation because they are the bedrock of whatever objectives the school is deemed to achieve.

A section of Teachers

Fascinating enough, to add more beauty to an already excellent outing, Green Field College controls over seventy professional, full-time teachers in her payroll, with a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree in their respective fields.

A section of Teachers

Little wonder then that Green Field college has recorded landmark awards in all genres of the educational curriculum for basic and post -basic education: from the sciences to the humanities.

Physics Students with their teacher during practical session

Still, when it has to do with the extra-curricular aspect of the school formation, Green Field College is not wanting either; not with her beautiful melodious choir that performed at the 2017 Christmas Carol Concerts at Cardinal Ekandem Seminary, Uyo or the formidable male and female football and basket ball teams, or the press club and the science clubs which has participated in numerous competitions in the state.

Student Choir performing at Christmas Concerts

After a two-hour tour of Green Field College and all her facilities installed to enhance learning and formation, the publishing crew of Penroll Corporation found it worthy to list the College as one of the most prestigious schools in Akwa Ibom State.

Idiongo Ebong

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