Rochas Okorocha is not all together Stupid!

I know that in recent times, our eyes have seen what we never dreamt of and we are faced with situations of hopelessness every day. Coupled with the fact that politicians since the first republic and even their military counterparts, who violently took over power with the promise of goodies, have failed us terribly, we have come to look with scorn over everything the Government says. In this, many a time, we are always guilty of prejudging them with no fair space for them to try.

But, who can blame us, if a Government that rode on the horses of change mantra have succeeded in realizing not a single promise made and have exhibited such a woeful craft that a machinery is planted in place to lie and manufacture information to the public, then what else will the lion do to convince the goat that friendship in the forest is possible(?)

Imo State Government have stung the world by budgeting money enough to have built estates for the homeless to erect statues of persons of no personal significance to Imo State. Though the figurines are beautiful, can evoke aesthetic orderliness and can immortalize history in the state, the amount of money used for it and the excruciating poverty, including debts to pensioners have soiled the cleanliness of the flowing spring.
But this time, there is some goodness in it. The invention of the Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfilment is one novelty that can competently restore social, behavioural, political and even religious hygiene to the society.

For once, let’s spit it out! Aside from the political noise created by the Ministry of Women Affairs, since Babangida’s Better Life for Rural Women which unfortunately turned into Better Life for Better Women, the Ministry of Women Affairs have become so voiceless even in matters that they were created to combat.

Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfilment is a bold step to give the human family a formidable presence in the Government scheme of things. If the ministry is used the way it should be, for the least, government policies and programmes will never be created and implemented without first weighing the effect such policies and programmes will have on the human family.

For instance, if Government wants to raise tax, demolish markets, increase school fees, condemn or sentence criminals or if the Capital City Development Commission collects bride and allows a church built with wrong engineering theories to stand, the Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfilment will be a strong analytic voice for the effect any of the above and more will have on the human family.

Furthermore, the ministry can index families naturally, legally or sacramentally married and open a dialogue channel with government benefits and subsides towards ensuring family continuity, love, safety and security, and the healthy development of the children, all of which will lead to a crime free and a better society.

The government can through this ministry create a holiday for families where workshops and seminars for healthy and happy leaving can be organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Family Health Insurance (FHI), and the Ministry of Agriculture.

There is a whole lot that this Ministry can do to move our society forward. Remember, the family is the nucleus of the society. If this Ministry can build a healthy and a happy family, then this very Ministry will be able to build a happy and a healthy society.

As for the commissioner being the governor’s sister, if she is qualified for the office, there is nothing wrong at all. But, if she is not, then the ministry has failed before its beginning.

Idiongo Ebong

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