If only they will let the world be, these bloodsuckers!
If only they will let us live in peace, greedy politicians!
O you sadists, let the planet be as God created it;
Let’s strive to make it better, for ourselves and our children;
Don’t turn the world upside down, homosexuals!

If only they will stop the trouble, Nnamdi Kanu!
If only they will stop the wars, Kim Jong-un!
If only they will invest more on agriculture, Buhari!
Not the production of nuclear warheads,
Not sponsoring bombings; not Boko Haram,
Not funding ISIS; not Al’Shabaab.

If they will let us be; a beautiful world it will be!
If only the billions will go into research,
In Cancer, in Malaria, in Ebola, in Typhoid;
If only the money will go into HIV and AIDS,
Not funding rebels in Biafra, not death!

Stop donating rockets; start donating food!
Stop donating bombs; start building houses!
Stop donating viruses; start healing the sick!

Where do they take the AK47s from?
Because it is not made in Somalia.
Where do they take the bombs from?
Because it is not made in Nigeria.

No, not in Mali! No, not in Cameroon!
No, not in Chad! No, not in Borno State!
So, where do they take the Ak47s from?

If only they will let us be in our beautiful world;
We would have built a beautiful place to be –
Where there will be no bees;
And food will go for no fees!

Love, harmony and peace shall reign supreme,
Our lost paradise will once again emerge

From the horizon with a golden sun!

Idiongo Ebong

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  1. Good, inspirational and touching lines. Love this. Kudos sir.