When they were young and feeble
When their bones were fragile and sickle
I held their fragile limbs with scorn
I rocked them with fury
And ate up their food.

Their voices rose like smoke
Slowly and then, with some speed
I abandoned them because I needed
Not additional mouth for my little Food.
My little life.

When it was dark, dark like black,
I walked down, down the lane,
Like a good mother, I was supposed to.
But in my heart were big devils,
I held them with my hands and no tear dropped.

Their little eyes opened,
I shut them with my palms, it choked!
The hit got back at me within my chest
Because they began to wail, and wail
I shut them with my palms.

I held them above the ravine,
I dropped them in the ravine,
Their voices rose like smoke,
Slowly and then, with some speed.

Now I wait at sixty, thorny sixty,
With my mouth bleeding all the day,
And I know that my end would be preferred
To a life without a child.

Their voices rose like smoke,
Slowly and then, with some speed
And I felt the deep pains of my actions

A senseless murder of the innocent!

Idiongo Ebong


  1. I love this poem. Really touching. But sometimes I wonder if there are things that would also make married individuals want to go for abortion.

    1. Yes, life is not that simple. There are many reasons that make married individuals opt for abortion.

    2. Could we talk about those reasons? @ Anonymous

  2. May the souls of all aborted babies rest in peace

  3. This is so great!

  4. Life is precious... True love wins